Local Efforts: Beach cleanup, sponsored by Stall Mates Wipes!

Had a great showing today for our second annual "clean up the inlet" event. We had free food and of course as is the tradition free donuts for all! . We ended up taking 300+lbs of garbage off the beach, left our favorite beach more pristine and had a great time doing it! Moriches inlet is a sensitive eco system, with a diverse wildlife population. The heavy load of boaters, fisherman and day trippers has left the inlet filled with plastic and garbage that threatens animals like birds, turtles and fish. Fishing line and netting traps animals leaving them trapped to starve to death. We are already seeing a real difference in the amount of trash at the inlet, and this is only our second event. This is our second year doing the cleanup and we tripled the number of participants from last year. We hope to keep expanding this and other local "clean up" projects in our area as Stall Mates continues to grow.